It is a Swiss entity that offers financial and banking services to clients and companies worldwide. Also, it stands out for providing other services such as asset and wealth management, in addition to private, investment, corporate, and retail banking.


The great history of this bank began in 1854 with the union of 6 banks to form the Bankverein. Through a series of mergers with the Frankfurter Bankverein, the Zürcher Bankverein, Basler Depositenbank, and the Schweizerische Unionbank, it created Schweizerischer Bankverein. A few years later, the name was changed to Swiss Bank Corporation (SBC).

Subsequently, the Bank in Winterthur was founded in 1862. It was in charge of offering financial services to the companies of that time. A year later, The Toggenburger Bank emerged and began providing savings and loan services to people in general. Those two banks joined in 1912 to form the Swiss Banking Association, and later, the name was changed to Union Bank of Switzerland (UBS).

In 1917, it established its current headquarters at Bahnhofstrasse in Zurich. From that moment, it began to expand by opening branches throughout the country. After the First World War, it had severe financial problems. Therefore, it was a few years trying to recover through several acquisitions to grow economically. During World War II, it was accused of being involved in stolen gold businesses. When the war ended, it bought the important Eidgenössische Bank, which allowed it to open a large number of offices in the country.

To become the largest bank in Switzerland, Swiss Bank Corporation and Union Bank of Switzerland merged in 1998 to create UBS AG (as today).

Routing Number

A routing number is needed to identify the bank during a bank transfer. It contains nine digits: 026073192.

Number of Employees

Currently, UBS has 66,888 employees.


Moody’s, S&P, and Fitch agencies continuously assess the performance of banks.

UBS has a rating of:

  • S&P = A+.
  • Moody’s = Aa3.
  • Fitch = AA-.

A+ (S&P Global) = The economic situation could affect financing.

Aa3 (Moody’s) = It has high quality and with a little more risk to long-term risks.

AA- (Fitch) = The bank has very high security.


It has two headquarters:

  •  Zurich, Switzerland. 
  •  Basel, Switzerland.


Any bank information can be found with the address:


It allows several specialized services for the benefit and security of the assets of all customers. It provides advice and wealth management planning to protect the wealth of the most influential people. Similarly, it offers investment banking and asset management to clients and private companies.

The bank has financial advisors so that the client feels safe in any banking operation.


  • Address: Bahnhofstr. 45, P.O. Box, CH-8098 Zurich and Aeschenvorstadt 1, P.O. Box, CH-4051 Basel.
  • Phone Number: +41-44-234 11 11 (Zurich), +41-61-288 20 20 (Basel).