It is a multinational company of Dutch origin that carries out processes and operations of financing, investment, retail and wholesale banking, and insurance. It is available in several countries.


Its creation was linked to agriculture. Friedrich Wilhelm Raiffeisen, who was a pioneer mayor in rural credit cooperatives, wanted to help those farming families with economic problems of that time through credit. Therefore, he decided to create a banking institution of farmers in 1864 in Germany. The Netherlands wanted to emulate that cooperative bank model.

There were two cooperative organizations in 1898. One was Raiffeisen-Bank in Utrecht, which owned six local banks, and the other was Boerenleenbank in Eindhoven, with 22 local banks. Both disagreed because they had different religions. They were subjected to a practice that kept them living together. When the financial crisis attacked Dutch banking, these organizations remained strong. That led to the fact that both co-operated in 1940, and after a few years, specifically in 1972, they decided to join and form Rabobank.

In 1980, Rabobank stepped forward and began to expand internationally in its goal of growing the farmer bank model. During the following years, it purchased various entities such as PIBA (Australia Primary Industry Bank), Wrightson Farmers Finance Limited in New Zealand, Lend Lease Agro Business and others that would boost it in the banking industry. One of the most important was the acquisition of Mid-State Bank & Trust and Pacific State Bank, allowing it to be located in California, United States.

A critical moment occurred in 2002 when the bank established a direct bank called Rabobank.be for the first time. In later years, Rabobank positioned itself in even more countries thanks to the creation of more online savings banks.

This bank remained a cooperative organization from its origins. It has always maintained beneficial services to farmers. That did not prevent it from extending beyond and providing banking services to retailers and wholesalers outside the field of agriculture. Various agencies lowered the bank’s rating for multiple problems. Therefore, they had to sell some shares. By 2015, they had to reduce the number of employees.

Routing Number

The route number consists of 9 digits that represent the efficiency and guarantee in a bank transfer: 122238420.

Number of Employees

Currently, Rabobank has 41,861 employees.


Moody’s, S&P Global and Fitch agencies had lowered the bank’s rating.

Currently, Rabobank has a rating of:

  • Moody’s = Aa3.
  • S&P Global = A+.
  • Fitch = AA-.

Aa3 (Moody’s) = It has a medium-high quality, low credit risk, but with elements that have a susceptibility to long-term risk.

A+ (S&P Global) = The economic situation could affect financing.

AA- (Fitch) = t means that it has excellent solvency capacity and low risk of default.


The headquarters of the cooperative is in the city of Utrecht, Netherlands.


To access the Rabobank website and get more information go to the link: http://www.rabobank.com


1.Personal Banking : Retailers have access to financing, credit, and insurance products and services. Also, they can access RaboDirect to perform operations on the internet.

2. Wholesale Banking : It offers services to corporations and wholesale institutions supporting, especially in the agriculture sector. They do it both nationally and internationally.

3. International Rural : They make loans to finance food from the agricultural sector.


Address : The Rabobank Bestuurscentrum is located at Croeselaan 14, 3521 CA Utrecht, Netherlands.

Phone Number : + 31 (0) 88 7226 600 (Personal Banking), + 31 (0) 88 7226 666 (Business Banking).