It is a leading Danish banking entity in financial services and works as a mortgage provider. It is the largest lender in the country and offers investment, retail, commercial, and insurance banking services to clients and companies.


The creation of this bank dates back many years, precisely, in 1985. As of its emergence, a large number of institutions in the field of mortgage began to be established in Denmark. Exactly 16 of these associations were founded and subsequently, in 1972, merged into Forenede Kreditforeninger and Jyllands Kreditforening.

In 1985, these two institutions merged and formed Nykredit. From its beginnings, it was created to satisfy customers and companies in banking and mortgage services.

Nykredit had the goal of achieving economic globalization in the country, so it began to make a series of essential purchases that would help it in its mission. It acquired Totalkredit in 2003, which was an entity in charge of making mortgage loans and offered its services to a large number of national banks. Five years later, it made another purchase (Forstædernes Bank) and merged it with Nykredit Bank to further consolidate the banking bases and ideals.

In 2016, it had problems with its clients in the country due to the high cost of its services. This case was taken to the Danish Ombudsman’s Office of the Consumer. Today, it has several subsidiaries such as Totalkredit, Nykredit Bank, Nykredit Mægler, Nykredit Ejendomme.

Swift Code

It is a code used to identify a banking entity during an international money transfer: NYKBDKKK.

Number of Employees

Currently, the bank has approximately 4.100 employees.


The rating measures the capacity of a bank to pay debts. Several agencies evaluate it.

Nykredit has a rating of:

  • S&P = A.
  • Fitch = A.

A (S&P Global) = It means that the economic situation could affect the financing.

A (Fitch) = The institution has a high solvency capacity and low risk of default.


Its base is in the city of Copenhagen, Denmark.


Access the official Nykredit website: http://www.nykredit.com/corporate


The bank is responsible for offering retail, commercial, and financial banking services. One of its best qualities is to provide mortgages and loans to clients to help them in any economic situation. It also allows basic banking operations such as deposits, payments, transfers, wealth management, and more.


Address: Kalvebod Brygge 1-3 1780 Copenhagen.

Phone Number: +45 70 10 90 00.