It is an entity that is responsible for executing banking operations in Mexico. It provides retail, commercial, investment, development, and private banking services in addition to financing, international payments, wealth management, and more. Through different entities or companies, Monex operates in several countries such as the United States, Canada, Spain, Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and of course, in Mexico where Monex Grupo Financiero, Banco Monex, Casa de Bolsa Monex, and Operadora de Fondos Monex are located. 


Monex is a large company that is made up of several important entities. Its creation begins in 1985, when Héctor Lagos Dondé, who is still the president today, wanted to establish an institution to carry out payment and currency exchange operations. It was established under the name of Casa de Cambio Monex.

Since 2001, it began to acquire several entities that would transform it throughout its short history. The first was CBI Casa de Bolsa (currently Monex Casa de Bolsa) to carry out the distribution of investment funds. Two years later, it acquires Monex Grupo Financiero, which is one of the most vital today. Subsequently, in 2006, it owns Banco Monex through which it begins to use electronic banking operations.

All these entities were acquired to found Holding Monex in 2007. Holding Monex is made up of several companies, one of them is Grupo Financiero Monex (formed by Banco Monex, Monex Casa de Bolsa, and Monex Operadora de Fondos). The others are Intermex (2008), Tempus (2010), and Monex Europe (2012). In 2013, Monex had managed to expand in Mexico and even internationally.

Swift Code

The Swift Code (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication), also known as BIC, is used during an international transfer to identify the receiving bank: MONXMXMM.

Number of Employees

Monex has approximately 2,310 employees in its entities.


The credit rating evaluates the financial risks of a banking entity in case of not complying with a debt.

Monex Bank has a rating of:

  • S&P = BB+.
  • Fitch = AA-.

BB+ (S&P Global) = The entity is very prone to economic changes.

AA- (Fitch) = It means that the bank has very high security.


The headquarters are located in Mexico City, Mexico.


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  • Company Banking: It offers products and services of investment funds, cash management, savings fund manager, bank cards, credit, etc. It also allows the purchase, sale, and transfer of currencies.
  • Private Banking: It offers clients advice to know how and when to invest the money and plan the financial movements. Similarly, manage fixed and variable income investment funds.


Address: Av. Paseo de la Reforma No. 284, Col. Juarez 06600 México D.F., México.

Phone Number:  +52 55 5231-4500 (From Mexico City), 01-800-746-6639 (From the Republic).