It is a Mexican financial company that offers services and products that include investment banking, retail and commercial, mortgages, loans, car and health insurance, and many more. It has several branches in the country.


The origins of the bank date back to 1965, when Carlos Slim Helú, for the need to create new businesses, founded the Stock Market Investor (Inversora Bursátil). In the 1970s, there was some economic instability in the country. The stock market group managed to maintain stability for a few years with the acquisition of various real estate agencies throughout the country.

In the 1980s, it bought part of Hulera Centenario, Anderson Clayton, Sanborns, Reynolds Aluminio, Cigatam, Philip Morris México, Condumex, and one of the most important, Seguros de México (100% of the company).

In 1992, it was formally constituted and began to be called Grupo Financiero Inbursa. It was formed by Inversora Bursátil Casa de Bolsa, Seguros de México, and Fianza Guardiana Inbursa. In the next three years, Banco Inbursa, Arrendadora Inbursa, Afore Inbursa, and Sinca Inbursa were established.

Since 2000, the Grupo Financiero Inbursa had consolidated with the acquisition and integration of companies such as Seguros Inbursa, Liberty México Seguros, Salud Inbursa and Chrysler Financial (now known as CF Credit). That allowed the institution to meet the needs of the market. It was named twice as the best Bank of Mexico.

Swift Code

This code is used in international bank transfers: INBUMXMM.

Number of Employees

This financial group has more than 5,751 employees.


The rating determines long-term financial risks when a debt is presented.

S&P Global gives the Inbursa Group a credit rating of BBB+.

Fitch Ratings stopped rating the Grupo Financiero Inbursa due to non-compliance with the rules. Inbursa refused to provide certain information.

BBB (S&P Global) = It means that the bank has a medium level, but they are in a good situation.


The group is located in Mexico City, Mexico.


You can access the official website of the bank here:


  • Payment of Services and Taxes: It offers the opportunity to pay for several services: Credit cards, television, telephone, and taxes.
  • Interbank Transfers: It provides bank transfer services electronically and instantly between different banks in Mexico.
  • Security boxes: Through these, it allows the safe keeping of large amounts of money. It is a system with high security.
  • Domiciliation Inbursa: This system allows you to pay for all services automatically through the account or card.


Address: Paseo De La Palmas 736 11000 México.

Phone Number: 55 5447 8000 (CDMX and Metropolitan Area) or 800 90 90000 (Interior of the Republic).