Eastern Bank

It is the largest bank in Boston, Massachusetts, and the oldest in the United States. It offers varied banking services to clients, investors, agencies, and companies. Among its services includes online banking, mobile banking, accounts (checking and savings), loans, and more.


It was created in April 1818 under the name of Salem Savings Bank, due to the need to establish a banking institution that responded to the needs of the people. The bank evolved through a series of significant acquisitions throughout its history. It started as a savings bank and later became a commercial bank.

In 1989, Eastern Bank Corporation renamed it Eastern Bank. Some of the purchases it made are Shore Bank and Trust Company, Malden Trust Company, First Colonial Bank for Savings, and Saugus Bank and Trust Company. Also, it acquired Hibernia Savings Bank and Emerald Isle Bancorp. In this way, the bank managed to grow more with the most significant number of offices in Massachusetts.

It merged with Eastern Bank & Trust Company in Salem in 2002. It continued to expand throughout the region, doubling its records and becoming one of the most important banks in the area.

Routing Number

The route number identifies the bank. Usually, one of its uses is in bank transfers. It contains nine digits: 011301798.

Number of Employees

The last employee count was carried out in 2018. Eastern Bank has more than 1,900 employees.


Eastern Bank has its office in Boston, Massachusetts, EE.UU., United States.


To access the bank’s website: https://www.easternbank.com


  • Personal Banking: Offers savings services, mortgages, loans (personal and domestic), credit cards, debit cards (MasterCard and Premium MasterCard), checking accounts, and more, to individual clients.
  • Business Banking: It provides all kinds of savings, investments, checking accounts, asset management, short and long term loans, lines of credit, real estate, and many more. That, to commercial clients that have their own business or company.

The bank also offers commercial banking, investment, insurance, and online banking services so that people can perform banking operations anywhere.


Address: 265 Franklin Street Boston, Massachusetts 02110, United States.

Phone Number: Customer Service: 1-800-EASTERN (327-8376), Business Service: 1-800-333-8000, Eastern Bank Wealth Management Offices: 617-897-1132.