Deutsche Bank Mexico

It is an institution that works in the multiple banking sector and is a branch of the German bank, Deutsche Bank. It specializes in offering a wide range of financial products and services and also fiduciary businesses.


The parent entity of this institution was born in 1870 in Berlin. That bank had already grown internationally and in 1888, began to support through loans to Mexico. In 1955, it began to be established in the country by opening the branches of Deutsche Bank and Deutsche Ueberseeische Bank. Subsequently, Deutsche Ueberseeische Bank joined Deutsche Bank to consolidate further and maintained the same name. In 1985, it changed its headquarters because an earthquake had virtually destroyed its previous office. In 1999, it acquired Bankers Trust. In 2000, it received licenses to carry out commercial transactions and investment banking operations.

Swift Code

The Swift Code (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication), also known as BIC, is used during an international transfer to identify the receiving bank: DEUTMXMM.

Number of Employees

The bank has approximately 100 employees.


The rating is the evaluation of a bank and the risks it can take in case of not paying a debt. Moody’s, S&P, and Fitch are the agencies in charge of it.

Deutsche Bank Mexico has a rating of:

  • Moody’s = Ba1.
  • S&P = BBB+.

Ba1 (Moody’s) = It has a questionable credit quality.

BBB+ (S&P Global) = It is a medium level, but they are in a good situation.


The headquarters of the entity is in Mexico City, Mexico.


If you want to know more about this bank, enter through its website:


This entity provides cash management services, securities markets, corporate finance, global transaction banking, debt and capital, securities loans, investment banking, advice, and more to its personal, corporate, and institutional clients.


  • Address: Deutsche Bank AG, Representación en México, Dirección de la casa Pedregal 24, Colonia Molino del Rey, Floor 20, 11040 Ciudad de México
  • Phone Number: +52 55 5201-8000