Compartamos Banco

It is a bank established in Mexico that specializes in microfinance, banking, insurance, and loans of different types. It is a branch of the institution called Gentera.


It is a non-governmental organization founded in 1990 by José Ignacio Ávalos Hernández. Its creation was carried out to solve the economic problems of small businesses through microcredits and loans. The entity began to grow rapidly ten years later when it was established as a profitable company and in 2006, converted into a commercial bank. It was supported during the following years by ACCION International and the World Bank. In 2011, it took the international step by opening offices in Guatemala and Peru (Financial Create). In 2013, the Compartamos Group was renamed as Gentera.

Number of Employees

The bank has more than 15,000 employees.


The rating is the evaluation of a bank and the risks it can take in case of not paying a debt. Moody’s, S&P, and Fitch are the agencies in charge of it.

Compartamos Banco has a rating of:

  • S&P = BBB.
  • Fitch = BBB.

BBB (S&P Global) = It is a medium level, but they are in a good situation.

BBB (Fitch) = It has high solvency, but sensitive to adverse changes.


The headquarters of the entity is in Mexico City, Mexico.


If you want to know more about this bank, enter through its website:


The bank offers products and services such as savings, insurance, digital channels, contracts, benefits, and microfinance to all its clients. It specializes in providing credits that include:

  • Woman credit: It gives customers loans to grow their business.
  • Merchant credit: It is a loan granted to a short-term company to finance it.
  • Individual credit: They are personal loans granted to individual clients, including a guarantee.
  • Credit alliances: It is a credit granted to a client to use in the investment of his or her business. It has a fixed interest rate for the duration of the loan.


  • Address: Insurgentes Sur 1458, Floor 11, Colonia Actipan, Mexico D.F., C.P. 03230
  • Phone Number: 800 220 9000