China Construction Bank

It is in the top 4 of the largest and most fundamental banks in the Republic of China. It has a large number of branches, both national and international. It provides retail, private, commercial, and corporate banking services.


Despite being one of the most important banks in the world by market capitalization, it was founded just in 1964 under the name of People’s Construction Bank of China. It was created to support and finance funds in construction activities in the country.

First, it was under the command of the Ministry of Finance of the People’s Republic of China and later, of the State Council. Gradually, it was implementing new commercial banking activities through the establishment of branches in the country and also abroad. In the 1990s, it became an institution capable of offering all kinds of banking services.

In 1996, the name was changed to China Construction Bank (as today). From 2002 to 2005, the presidents that the banking entity had were removed from office due to alleged fraud. That same year, Bank of America invested in the China Construction Bank.

Routing Number

It is also known as ABA. It is a 9-digit number that is used to identify a bank. It is usually seen in bank transfers: 026014685.

Number of Employees

The bank has a staff of 345,971 employees.


The rating measures the capacity of a bank to pay debts. Several agencies evaluate it.

China Construction Bank has a rating of:

  • S&P = A.
  • Moody’s = A1.
  • Fitch = A.

A (S&P Global) = It refers to the high solvency capacity and low risk of default.

A1 (Moody’s) = It has medium-high quality, low credit risk, but with elements that suggest a susceptibility to long-term deterioration.

A (Fitch) = It has excellent solvency capacity and low risk of default.


The head office is located in Xicheng, Beijing, People’s Republic of China.


If you want to know more about this bank, enter through its website:


  • Personal banking: It offers deposit services, credit cards (description, application, and activation), private and commercial loans (for cars, homes, etc.), foreign exchange, gold business, and wealth management products to customers in general.
  • Corporate banking: It provides companies and corporations with all types of institutional, credit, and international businesses. Also, it allows them to make corporate deposits and liquidation of funds.

Any services can be accessed through mobile phones and online banking.


  • Address: No.25, Financial Street, Xicheng District, Beijing, China.
  • Phone Number: 86-10-67597114.